Friday, March 1, 2013

La Sirena pdates, help, ideas, fun !!

La Sirena
27 East 3 Street (Calle 3)
NYC, 10003
Open 12-7 daily/
Abierto de 12-7pmtodos los días
Recent visit with Santos Enrique, Huichol from Tepit, Nayarit, Mexico
Dear La Sirena, friends, family and all !
I am so happy and excited to share with you, La Sirena is finally starting the move from 27 East 3rd street !! I had not heard from the landlord for months. It is confirmed 45% increase on rent, yikes !
In the meantime I have been looking for a larger space to open the La Sirena cultural space, a Latino/a cultural space open to all !
A place for the community, meaning all who want to participate!
It will be a place for cultural exchanges, creative workshops, spiritual teaching, gallery space, language exchange, cooking classes,  folk art shop, life's festive fun  and lots, lots more !
A big focus will be on having artists, artisans,teachers right here in NYC  who work super hard and do not have the chance/ opportunity to share their creative selves with others, there are many artisans that I have met here who would love to have a place to demonstrate, and sell there work, to share their creative ideas and make life better for all.
I have some money and as you known in NYC its expensive to start up anything.
What I am asking for help with now is creating an assortment of fundraisers, kick starter/indiegogo, fiestas and silent auctions.
At this point what I am looking for are
  • Someone to properly translate this into Spanish(my grammar,conversational ?) Please call so we do not have  multiples.
  • video person(for fundraising video)
  • interns
  • volunteers
  • helpers
  • angels
to organize, create, manage and bring events/ fundraisers into fruition. If you or anyone you know have experience in any of this or have great ideas, want to donate your space or time for a fundraiser, please get in touch with me, Dina Leor at   or call  212-780-9113.
If you would like to have a fundraiser in your
  • Restaurant/ lounge to donate space or food
  • Chefs/cooks to create and donate food
  • Beverage donations 
If you are an
  • Artist/ artisan, who would like to donate a piece for our silent auction
  • Latino musical group who could play at our fundraising fiestas
  • Would like to give a fundraising workshop

please get in touch with me, Dina Leor at  or call 212-780-9113.


All monies raised will be used for the renovation of new space and legal fees. Any thing left over will be used for scholarships and bringing artisans over from Mexico and beyond to demonstrate their wonderful creative craftsmanship.
  • In exchange you will receive publicity, folk art gifts and being part of something wonderful for all !!
Putting it out there, lets see what comes back !! 
Mil gracias, Dina Leor
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